Webinar: What is a ScrumMaster?

We will talk about the role of the ScrumMaster and what makes them unique.


Upcoming Webinar: Nov. 27, 2019 @ 12pm EST

What will you learn?

Agile Starts' webinars cover a variety of topics, including...

Agile & Scrum

Design & Tech Leadership

Social Innovation

Meet the Host

Regnard Raquedan is the Co-founder and Principal Trainer at Agile Starts. He has an MBA and a Masters in Information Management. He recently completed an executive program on Strategy and Innovation from MIT Sloan School of Management. With over 15 years experience in Product Management, User Experience Design, and Web Development, Regnard is committed to educating the next generation of tech professionals and transforming organizations big and small.


Regnard Raquedan

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